Is VUG Social free to use?

VUG Social is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple App store. The App also features a gift shot that can be used to purchase and send gifts to your friends and family to make your VUGS extra special.

Is my communication on VUG Social secure?

VUG utilizes the latest end-to-end message encryption technologies similar to those used by Signal messenger such as forward ratcheting encryption to protect user privacy. Your conversations are safe with VUG.

How does VUG Social keep my credit card data safe?

VUG utilize 3rd party payment processor Elavon to handle all credit card data and financial transactions. Elavon is PCI compliant and is the 4th largest credit card processor in the United States. You can shop with confidence with VUG.

How does VUG Social use my data?

Please view our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page for details.

Where is VUG Social available?

Currently VUG is available to Android and iOS users in the US and Canada. We look forward to sharing VUG with the rest of the world over time.

Where is VUG Social made?

VUG is made by the GiveVUGS Corporation. It is created with love by our team in beautiful Calgary, Canada.

I have a copyright inquiry. What do I do?

We have retained commercial use licenses for all media assets used in Vug Social from copyright holders, however it may be under our development account name. If you would like more information, please contact us. If you have an valid inquiry about user-created content, please also contact us.