About Us

The VUG App is created with love by a small team from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The idea for the app started during the early days of COVID-19, when stories first emerged of patients passing away alone in hospitals and lockdowns started everywhere. During tough times, people traditionally close in around their friends and family for emotional support. COVID differed in that it broke our traditional social bonds and left many people standing alone in a time of crisis.

Actually, that’s not new. As a society, modern life has been making it though to be together with our friends and family for a while now. Looking at my own life, I found that I was spending too much time on entertainment and token relationships (eg. youtube, reddit, facebook, gaming, etc), and not enough time on real relationships (family, kids, parents, siblings, sister, cousins, relatives, uncles/ aunts, friends). Like many other people, it’s just kind of happened. Real relationships take a lot of energy and effort, while entertainment and token relationships are actively marketed and sold with no effort needed. I believe that this is a big reason why so many people today feel lonely and disconnected.

To reverse this trend, I believe that we need to make hanging out with your friends and family online easier and more fun and rewarding than opening up a youtube or a game. We believe that by applying social science and computing technologies, this is possible. This is the birth of VUG Social. Our goal is to created a fun, light-hearted, multi-layered environment that will be engaging for all demographics. Here are our key ingredients:

Let your feelings free – create a place that users find safe and fun to show how they are feelings and to support how others feel

Entertaining and fun – let’s have lots of laughs and fun that revolves around people and interactions

Context and Growth – let’s make building relationships a game where you level up
Catered Experience – let Vuggie break the ice and keep your group engaging!
We hope you will join us to make a great app that we hope will bring people together!


Rob Foster
Rob FosterPresident
Rob founded various companies in Calgary
including Tekarra Projects. He is also the
president of the Calgary Polo Club. Rob brings
his expertise in start-ups, business management, and financing to the team.
Vince Chao
Vince ChaoProduct Lead
Vince is the creator of the VUG concept and is
responsible to bring the App to reality. He brings
experience in business strategy, engineering,
product development, and lean startup from
Tekarra Projects and MountainLED.